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Did you know there are over 175 different community indicators on Chelan-Douglas Trends - each updated throughout the year? But which ones, and when?

This issue of the Chelan-Douglas Trends blog lists the most recently updated indicators on the Chelan-Douglas Trends website.  

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1.2.2 Sales at Accommodation Establishments
The hospitality sector is the fifth largest in the metro area. It covers the bulk of tourist spending, plus those of residents dining out. Perhaps the best single, discrete measure of the impact of tourism comes from receipts of the lodging industry. This indicator shows how the two-county area outperformed WA during the pandemic:  Sales fell less on percentage base and the recovery in 2021 bested the state as well. 2021 marked a huge increase over 2019 levels.


2.1.1 Per capita Personal Income
This fundamental measure of economic progress shows rapid growth in the two counties from 2019 to 2021. The gain was over $8,000 person, or 16% over the two years. This rate was faster than the same measures for the U.S. and Washington. The metro average still lies below those benchmarks, however.


3.1.12 Share of Entering Kindergarteners Demonstrating Readiness
The WaKids assessment is given to entering kindergarteners every fall. It assesses over six domains:  social/emotion, physical, language cognitive, literacy & math. Over the past decade, the share of area kids demonstrating “readiness” in all 6 domains first increased but since 2017 has decreased to a current (2021) share of 35%. 

3.1.4 Share of Students Meeting Standards in the English Language Arts Assessment (Smarter Balance)
After rising from its initial school year 2014-15, scores of area students have plummeted in the aftermath of the pandemic. School year 2021-22 brought a big improvement over the prior year, especially for 10th graders. The levels, however, still lie well below those of school year 2018-2019.


5.1.1 Deaths by Leading Causes
As we live, so we die. The types of deaths reveal the chronic conditions a given population faces, and the opportunities to intervene. Over time, three of the four leading causes – cancer, heart disease and stroke have all experienced drops in their shares of causes of death. One significant exception has been Alzheimer’s, with a current prevalence much higher than the state’s.


6.2.5 Renters Paying 50%+ of Income on Shelter
This segment of the renting population represents those who are “severely burdened” by shelter costs (rent and utilities). Despite the hot local housing market, the share in 2021 returned to the lows registered in the middle of the last decade, or about 15%.


8.1.1 Working from Home
Working from home gained the most among modes of ”transportation to work”. Its estimated 2021 value for the two counties was nearly 12%. In 2019, its share was 6%. This share is still below that of the U.S. and of Washington state, which was nearly 25%.






Updated 04.07.2023

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