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Mapping Home Price Changes

Mapping Home Price Changes

Recording home price changes over time
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently published a data visualization on home price changes from 2003 to 2022 for the entire United States. The visualization map animates month-by-month percent changes in home prices by county to illustrate changes in the United States housing...
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United State County Migration Patterns

United State County Migration Patterns

Tracking net migration from county to county
The University of Wisconsin-Madison has published an interactive map detailing United States migration patterns by county using net migration statistics from the US Census. The map offers 10-year period datasets with the most recent data featuring the 2000s (2000-2010). Selecting a county offers...
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Influenza Mortality Rates

Influenza Mortality Rates

Influenza deaths now, throughout history, and across the globe
Flu season, for most Americans, is a normal part of seasonal changes in the colder months. Some may get the seasonal flu vaccine while some may not, but overall, very few of us consider the seriousness of the influenza virus, both throughout human history and today. An article and data feature from Our World in Data demonstrates the true scope...
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Trends In Action

Total Population Living in Poverty

Pandemic assistance helps buoy poverty rate in the short run

As economists and policymakers continue to assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the concerns is the possibility of disparate outcomes for lower income households. Fortunately, because of quick and dramatic policy actions in the form of fiscal stimulus...
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Uninsured Population

Percentage of Residents Without Health Coverage Increases

Residents in the greater Wenatchee area appear to be suffering from a boomerang syndrome. No, that’s not a new bug from down under. It has to do with how residents access healthcare here. As Trends indicator 5.4.1 reveals, the share of the population without health insurance plummeted in the immediate aftermath of the...
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Population with a High School Degree

Good Signs for Post-Secondary Education

It was in 2005 that the U.S. Census Bureau started to provide annual estimates that help sketch a portrait of Chelan and Douglas Counties. The latest lines added to the portrait were released this fall. Among the many indicators on Chelan Douglas Trends based on Census estimates...
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5-Questions With:

Steve Wilkinson

Executive Director of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

Q1) You’ve been on the job at the Wenatchee Valley Chamber for less than a year. In those few months, has the Chamber had the time to put together a new strategic plan?

No, it has not been necessary.
October 2021, the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce created a three-year strategic plan. Therefore, my primary responsibility is leading the efforts, activities, processes, and programs to achieve the strategic plan’s existing goals, objectives, and targets by October 31, 2024.

Q2) With or without a plan, are there some key indicators that you follow from your perch as executive director of the Chamber?

Economic Vitality indexes including Income, Economic Activity, Labor Force, Population, Real Estate, and Housing, plus Transportation are all key indicators that I follow.

Q3) To what degree are those indicators covered by Chelan Douglas Trends?

Each of these indicators are fully presented by Chelan-Douglas Trends.


Welcome Our New Student Intern!

Laura Velazquez Neal


Hometown: Duluth, Georgia

Major: Mechanical Engineeering

Expected Graduation Date: Fall, 2023

Post-graduation plans:

I plan on joining the workforce right away, ideally working in the private sector. I am interested in renewable energy and other topics in engineering which serve the greater good.

After a few months of working on the Trends project, my favorite thing so far:

It is interesting to see how much important data it is out there and how it offers a better understanding of the community it came from. This is truly important work.