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Chelan Douglas Trends | Gross domestic product, both metro and per capita

"Metro gross domestic product (GDP) is the most comprehensive measure of economic activity in Chelan and Douglas counties.
Metro GDP represents an effort by the U.S. government, specifically the Bureau of Economic Analysis, to give snapshots of local economies that mirror methods of national income and product accounting. The measure produces..."
-The Wenatchee World,  04/06/2018

We Are Wenatchee Video's: Parts 1-3

"Wenatchee Video's"
-Visit Wenatchee,  01/01/2018

Behind the Numbers: North Central Washington's Demographic Oppoprtunity

"Over the centuries, abundant sunshine, water and natural resources have attracted many peoples to the valleys of Chelan and Douglas counties. First were the Wenatchis, Chelans, Entiats and Sinkiuse-Columbians."
-The Wenatchee Wrold,  07/11/2015

Behind the Numbers: How State's Standardized Tests Add Up in Chelan & Douglas Counties

"Parents, students — brace yourselves. The season of state testing is about to return. The bewildering alphabet soup of acronyms comes back, along with a new test based on the Common Core curriculum."
-The Wenatchee World,  04/15/2015

New Website Mirrors Local Trends

"A new Web site promises to provide community organizations and individuals with easy-to-understand, one-stop information about local trends and statistics."
-The Wenatchee World,  11/08/2008

Project That Tracks Trends in NCW to be Unveiled Thursday

"A new information network aims to help Wenatchee Valley and North Central Washington business and organization leaders track regional trends. "
-The Wenatchee World,  11/04/2008

Our World: It's How We Use the Data That Counts

"One of the encouraging signs in our region is the extent to which communities and counties are finding new ways to work together. "
-The Wenatchee World,  08/22/2008

Let's Take a Look at the Numbers

"Something fascinating happened at Wenatchee's Confluence Technology Center last Thursday. "
-The Wenatchee World,  12/11/2007