How Old is the Housing Stock?

Esri's interactive "Maps for Public Policy" collection has answers

by Trends Staff

Environmental Research Systems International, or more commonly known as Esri, are the creators of ArcGIS and continue be leaders in the world of mapping and geospatial software. 

As one of many data interactives in the Esri Maps for Public Policy collection, “When was the housing stock built” is well-timed with the two housing-related articles in this newsletter. While Esri did not specifically design the interactive as a supplement to this newsletter, it certainly serves as a stand-alone interactive website worth a look. 

Starting on a national view, the color-coding of age categories make it easy to compare different counties. Additionally, some states have housing stock predominantly of the same age across the entire state. This data interactive makes it easy to see similarities and differences across the U.S. Clicking on any location on the map will show specific data for the county selected and is directly comparable with the data for any other county in the U.S.  

Without giving anything away, you might be surprised at the predominant age category of the Chelan-Douglas housing stock, so check it out. To see what other maps are available in the Esri collection, on the very left side of the webpage, click on the little white arrow (in the black background) pointing to the right opening the menu.